Original to Advanced upgrade kit

The accessories for updating from Original to Advanced are what allow the Original Kit to be a more complete Kit and with all the possibilities of the Advanced Kit.


What does it contain?

Upgrade accessories from Original to Advanced contain:

  • 2 packaging pegboards (black, red or green)
  • 1 long peg
  • 1 very long peg
  • 1 normal peg with fine foam
  • 2 medium pegs with fine foam
  • 1 padded plate
  • 4 plastic finger pulls
  • 1 plastic wrist traction
  • 4 padded levers for block poses
  • 4 neoprene bands for fingers
  • 1 Full neoprene band
  • 4 short pegs
<p>Kit Actualizacion Original Advanced MAPS Caja</p>
<p>Kit Actualizacion Original Advanced MAPS Caja</p>

Original to Advanced upgrade kit



Would you like us to introduce the A1 Kits to you? Here, Vicenç explains it to you:

Table Materials:

The tables are made of polyethylene, a material that perfectly combines strength with weight.

Guarantee of durability and precision

Color Availability:

Most MAPS Kits are available in 3 colors: green, red, and black.

MAPS therapy is a medical product

All MAPS material is CE certified as a medical device. Accredited under the license of the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices).

MAPS therapy can be disinfected

All MAPS components can be cleaned with disinfection products approved by the Health Department. If you want to know more, please contact us.

MAPS therapy stands for quality

MAPS products come with a 2-year warranty. Wear resulting from clinical use is not covered by this warranty.

Original to Advanced upgrade kit



Do I need to undergo any training to use this material?

Some MAPS techniques can be intense and not without risk. We always recommend that treatments be performed by a professional trained in MAPS techniques. That’s why we have developed training with quality accreditation.

What can I do if the material gets damaged?

At MAPS, we have renewal and upgrade kits, which are described on this page. On social media, we explain how to keep the material in good condition.

Are the A1 tables adjustable?

MAPS A1 products allow for 2D work, and only the Advanced and Compact tables allow for adjustable table work. The 3D components can be found in MAPS A2 products.

If I have any questions, can I contact you?

Yes, of course, you can do so through social media, email, or even WhatsApp if necessary. Contact us!