Functional rehabilitation

of the hand and upper extremity

through innovative mechanotherapy.


Allows tailoring exercises

to the needs of each patient.

Customise and

complement your board

with a variety of products

What is Maps Therapy?

MAPS is the acronym (in Spanish) for Progressive and Sequential Analytical Mobilisation (Movilización Analítica Progresiva y Secuencial). As a functional rehabilitation method, it is used mainly for treating the hand and upper extremity using mechanotherapy as a basic tool.

The aim of Maps Therapy is to recover normal movement of hand structures after injury or disease.

Thanks to this methodology, we seek to accurately work with the structures affected after an injury and adapt techniques to the mechanical needs of each structure depending on their status.

How did the project start?

The Canadian board is a mechanotherapy tool already used for hand rehabilitation, but there was no methodology describing use.

Working with the Canadian board and discovering its possibilities has allowed us to improve the quality of our treatments. The creation of new adaptations comes from years of observation and constant research.

The result of all this work is Maps Therapy, our system for functional rehabilitation of the hand and upper extremity through innovative mechanotherapy.

What is it good for?

Maps Therapy lets users create custom exercises for each patient according to their needs. Thanks to its easy assembly, it can be set up relatively quickly to help patients work over long periods.

Sample applications:

  • treatment of traumatic injuries: helps protect injured structures ensuring movement without risk of breaking the structure;
  • treatment of aftermaths such as stiffness: successful at changing the shape and shaping the new tissue to improve movement;
  • nerve damage: developing very focused selective exercises adapted to the patient’s capacity to avoid undesired compensations;
  • functional diseases and instabilities: helps improve hand motor control

And if you want to see how we apply Maps Therapy to hand therapy, check out our video!



Select the target structure you wish to work on with the maximum precision possible.



Use time wisely. Make the most of each session and take advantage of each visit.



It is designed to treat patients in post-surgical and in subsequent stages.



Controls each posture and movement parameter. Advances in a controlled and safe manner.



Adjusts the intensity of each technique depending on your needs.


Allows optimising resources and requires little investment in materials.


Readily available and affordable for all budgets.



Controls each posture and movement parameter. Advances in a controlled and safe manner.


MAPS Therapy transforms classic tools into cutting-edge techniques


Easy to understand for the practitioner and patient, applicable from day one.


Based on the latest trends in basic science applied to hand and upper extremity therapy.


Gives the patient autonomy to manage treatment within a tolerance range.